Come, Whoever You Are

Miriam, the dancer featured in this video, represents to me the Shechinah, or Divine Feminine. And our meeting represents to me the power of sisterhood, and its place in the ongoing revelation of the empowerment and evolution of the Divine Feminine in our world. A rebalancing of masculine and feminine, in the wild environment of the desert, and on to the holy city of Jerusalem. The red and white dresses represent the inclusion of all feminine archetypes, from the Maiden/Mother in white, to the Lover/Crone in red. Miriam is a dear friend with whom I share a special and long history, from my first time in Jerusalem, where we lived together. She taught me to drum on the Egyptian tambourine, and to belly dance; I wrote my song “Miriam” for her wedding. It was so special to meet again many years later, and share the joyous and healing journey of filming this clip together.
​​“Come, come, Whoever You Are
​​Wanderer, Idolator, Worshipper of Fire
​​Come even though you have broken your vows, a thousand times.
​​Come, and come yet again,
​​Ours is not a caravan of despair.”
​​Translation by Coleman Barks

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